The Mohamed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa Academy for Diplomatic studies offers a range of workshops and seminars designed to meet the specific training needs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As such, they vary so as to reflect the wide array of responsibilities and qualities expected of both diplomatic and administrative staff. The content and format of the workshops varies but is often a mixture of lectures and interactive activities. The workshops are conducted either by experts from the Academy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or by hosting specialists from other academic and training institutions.


The Official Spokesperson

Diplomats are often expected to interact with the media in different settings. The Official Spokesperson workshop is designed to prepare senior diplomats for dealing with various media outlets as well as focusing on public speaking and speech making skills.

The participants are trained in specific aspects of interacting with the media, including physical and mental preparedness, awareness of key facts, and the way they present themselves. The workshop also tackles body language, confidence building and enhancing personal charisma.

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Political Analysis

This workshop aims to prepare participants to identify and effectively apply different methods of political analysis to global trends and current events. The participants are introduced to the essential tools needed for effective political analysis, and to aid in the writing of political reports.

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Mechanisms for Detecting Forgery

Given the volume and special importance of official correspondence in the diplomatic field, this workshop prepares diplomatic and administrative staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the professional application of established mechanisms and use of relevant technology in the detection of forgery. The workshop is held in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior.

Participants are introduced to key aspects of forgery detection and the processes of authentication and legalization which are designed to prevent it. The workshop focuses on technical, systematic and logical approaches to forgery detection of documents of all kinds as well as currency.

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A Career in Diplomacy: Key Skills

The aim of this workshop is to familiarise the participants with the most important criteria and requirements that successful diplomats must possess. The workshop especially focuses on acquiring and applying key critical thinking, analysis, and research skills. Participants are trained to apply these skills in the context of important issues relating to Bahraini diplomacy at the national, regional and global levels.

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United Nations Workshop

This annual workshop is designed to prepare diplomats who are assigned to participate in in the United Nations General Assembly in New York. The workshop aims to familiarise participants with the United Nations, and its principal organs, its relationship with the Kingdom of Bahrain and the important role it plays in the region. Moreover, it introduces the role played by the relevant national committees which work in partnership with the United Nations.

The workshop also includes lectures by representatives of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on the most important development plans and programs, and how they align with Government Action Program of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Participants are also exposed to the experiences of diplomats who had previously taken part in the UNGA, and who can share their experiences and best practices in the preparation of political reports, briefings and national statements, as well as research and information gathering.

The workshop also provides participants with the most important tools necessary to representing the interests of Bahrain and its foreign policy, especially with regard to Bahrain’s active participation in the United Nations.

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Customer Service

The aim of this workshop is to develop and refine the skills of Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff in the area of providing customer service, especially staff whose work responsibilities entail regular interaction with citizens and others requiring the Ministry’s services.

The workshop introduces participants to the definition and types of customers, as well as the personal attributes of different clients, and the key importance of analysing the type of customer and choose the most appropriate behavior in dealing with them.

Participants are also trained in different types of effective verbal and non-verbal communication including body language and visual communication skills. The workshop also provided participants with strategies that can be adopted in dealing with clients to avoid discomfort and calm customers. The workshop also deals with techniques for managing stress, and enhancing self-control and patience.

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Professional Report Writing

This workshop aims to develop participants’ professional report writing skills by introducing them to the theoretical approaches and training them in practical methods in writing various types of administrative reports. The workshop also focuses on the use of proper grammar during administrative writing and avoiding common mistakes, as well as how to prepare, plan, and review official writings and correspondence. It also deals with research skills in relation to various resources including libraries, websites and digital publications.

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Infographics Design

Graphic design skills are increasingly important to employees, especially in relation to the preparation of reports, statistics, data and presentations in a professional manner.

During the workshop, participants learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, including their most important features and the differences between them, as well as how to use the tools in each through live examples, practical exercises and individual activities.

Participants learn the skills needed to self-design shapes, homepage designs and reports. The workshop also provides participants with the skills needed to use tools to develop and modify ready-made shapes, as well as increasing the efficiency of the design record speed by utilising different shortcuts.

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Dispute Resolution

This workshop is held in partnership with the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR-AAA). The workshop deals with the main concepts relating to the process of dispute settlement as an alternative to litigation. Participants are introduced to different types of arbitration based on the relevant regulations and circumstances for each case. The workshop also focuses on mediating disputes, with a special focus on negotiation processes and strategies.

The workshop also includes a tour of the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution where participants have the chance to discuss local cases disputes and work to resolve them through simulation exercises.

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