Training and Languages Directorate

The Training and Languages Directorate is tasked with developing comprehensive and innovative plans and programs to fulfill its responsibilities and objectives, ensuring the continuous improvement of training quality. It regularly submits performance reports and evaluates training needs to design an annual training plan that meets the highest standards. The directorate is dedicated to the modern and dynamic training and development of diplomats, focusing on enhancing their skills, knowledge, and abilities through multiple levels of training based on the Diplomatic Examination and Training Reference Framework (DETRF) developed by the academy. The directorate aims to create well-rounded diplomats equipped to handle the complexities of contemporary international relations and diplomacy. Additionally, the Training and Languages Directorate collaborates with internationally acclaimed institutions to align its training offerings with global standards, ensuring that the programs are both relevant and high-quality. It manages the certification process, making sure that all training programs adhere to accreditation and quality assurance requirements.

The Directorate is responsible for the delivery of a variety of foreign languages including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and the core languages (Arabic and English) that serve the kingdom’s goals and global collaboration, with plans to expand further. It focuses on developing the diplomats’ language proficiency and communication skills and specialized language skills, as well as building capacity in translation abilities.

Studies and Evaluation Directorate

The Studies and Evaluation Directorate is responsible for maintaining the organization’s skilled workforce and managing human resource functions. It oversees the competitive examination and assessment process to identify and develop top talent, including the supervision of all stages of diplomatic assessments and related evaluations. The directorate also evaluates the effectiveness of the organization’s training and educational programs by analyzing return on investment, helping to continuously improve the curriculum to meet evolving needs. It also makes sure that the training programs adhere to accreditation and quality assurance requirements.

The directorate manages the organization’s knowledge resources, overseeing the preparation and publication of manuals, guides, handbooks and other type of texts and also maintaining the library and information services. It ensures innovative and efficient service delivery to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, the directorate conducts workforce planning and human resource management, tracking staffing data, identifying capability gaps, and developing plans to build the necessary skills within the organization.

Furthermore, the directorate creates and updates a unified database that includes all types of evaluations, ROI measurements, reports, studies, and research publications. The directorate supervises the setting of main objectives and the development and application of plans, programs, and projects to achieve these goals. It establishes performance goals for its staff, monitors their performance, and provides necessary feedback to enable them to meet these objectives effectively.

Academy Affairs Directorate

The Academy Affairs Directorate is responsible for ensuring the efficient operation of the academy. The directorate provides comprehensive logistical and technical support, ensuring seamless management of premises maintenance and the creation of engaging social media content to highlight the academy’s news and achievements.

In addition, the directorate supervises relations with internal and external bodies, establishing and nurturing cooperative agreements to further the academy’s mission. It organizes a range of events, facilitating knowledge exchange and professional development. The directorate also plays a critical role in implementing council and committee decisions, ensuring that strategic initiatives are effectively executed.

Furthermore, the Academy Affairs Directorate manages all financial affairs, including budgeting, purchases, and expenditures. Through its dedicated efforts, the directorate supports the academy in achieving its goals and maintaining high standards of operational excellence.