To be a regionally and internationally renowned Academy of diplomatic training and research, creating various programs that equip individuals with the knowledge and tools they require in the dynamic field of diplomacy.


The Academy is responsible for the recruitment and training of Bahrain’s diplomatic corps. Diplomatic recruitment at entry-level is conducted through a rigorous selection process, including examinations and interviews. Training at the academy guides diplomats throughout different phases in their careers, focusing on the knowledge and skills needed for their progression through diplomatic ranks as representatives of Bahrain’s national interests on the global stage. The Academy aspires to see tangible outcomes in developing the capabilities of civil servants and professionals who engage with all forms of diplomacy at different levels, with the aim of enhancing their overall efficiency and effectiveness.


The Academy seeks to raise awareness of key issues and trends in international relations with the general public through a series of outreach initiatives, which engage with different sectors of society, especially the youth, in a wider effort of developing the knowledge base of global issues and Bahraini diplomacy. Furthermore, the Academy has strengthened its cooperation with other entities in the Kingdom of Bahrain by signing memoranda of understanding with a number of institutions across different sectors including the University of Bahrain, the Council of Representatives, and the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities.


The Academy hosts a series of events including lectures, seminars, forums, and conferences. These events bring together experts from Bahrain and beyond to discuss key issues and trends in diplomatic studies and international relations. They also tackle the linkages between the field of diplomacy and other spheres as varied as culture, conflict, and the digital revolution. By discussing various topics in academic settings, these events are also a central element in the Academy’s research strategy. Research aims to inform the foreign policy making process by providing officials and diplomats with up-to-date analysis of trends in all aspects of global affairs, especially as they relate to Bahraini diplomacy.


Locally, regionally and globally, the Mohamed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa Academy works on developing relations and building partnerships with other academies and institutes, in an effort to be an active contributor to the wider community of research centres and diplomatic training institutions. The Academy has signed memoranda of understanding with counterparts in several countries including Egypt, India, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates.