Foundational Programs

The foundational programs at the Academy are created based on a detailed approach to what is required of diplomats at various levels in their careers. They also aim to contribute to an overall culture of meritocracy that is built upon the idea of life-long learning. In addition to practical learning, the programs are based on an overall sense of pressure so that diplomats are prepared to meet the fast paced environment of the 21st century.


Junior Diplomats Program (JDP)

The Junior Diplomat Program (JDP) targets newly recruited young diplomats. The JDP is designed to be a dynamic course, with much of the time spent in class is devoted to the practical application of acquired knowledge. Graduates of the JDP begin their diplomatic careers as diplomatic attachés.

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Professional Diplomats Program (PDP)

The Professional Diplomats Program (PDP) prepares Ministry of Foreign Affairs administrative staff who seek to enter the Kingdom’s diplomatic corps. This extensive program focuses on acquiring the necessary knowledge and practical skills for transitioning into the diplomatic practice.

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Pre-appointment Program (PAP)

The Pre-appointment Program is an intensive course which prepares diplomats for their postings at the Kingdom’s missions abroad prior to their departure. The PAP focuses on the relevant knowledge and skills required for newly appointed diplomats. The program also has a language component.

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