Diplomats in “Dhiyafa” program participate in lectures and interactive dialogue with UN Bahrain Resident Coordinator


As part of the second edition of the “Dhiyafa” program, Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa Academy for Diplomatic Studies (MBMA) organized a lecture presented by the Chief of the Americas Affairs Sector, HE Ambassador Shaikh Abdullah bin Ali Al Khalifa, entitled “Foreign Policy of the Kingdom of Bahrain”, in which the participating diplomats were briefed on the components and pillars of Bahraini diplomacy.  

It also held an interactive session with the United Nations Resident Coordinator a.i and Chief of Mission of IOM in the Kingdom of Bahrain, HE Mohamed El Zarkani. The session was attended by MBMA Director-General, HE Dr. Muneera bint Khalifa Al Khalifa, the Chief of Afro-Asian Affairs, HE Ambassador Fatima Abdullah Al-Dhaen, and MBMA Acting Director of Studies and Evaluation, HE Dr. Mohammed Saleh Mohammed.  

A number of members of the Supreme Council for the Environment in the Kingdom of Bahrain also presented a lecture centered on environmental awareness, in which the participants learned about the importance of contributing to the preservation of the environment in various respects, and the Bahraini national measures to support the efforts of the international community in providing a safe environment for all.

Regarding field visits, the participants visited the exhibition “A Hundred Years Later.. Celebrating the Foundation of Annadi Al Adabi” at Al Hidaya Al Khalifiya School in Muharraq, as part of the activities of the Spring of Culture Festival organized by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, where the participants were briefed on the cultural contribution of the Annadi Al Adabi (Literary Club) and its pioneers of poets and writers in supporting the cultural movement in the Arab world starting from Muharraq, in addition to discovering the features of the establishment of formal education in the Kingdom of Bahrain since 1919.