The Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa Academy for Diplomatic Studies aspires to be a leading centre for research, with a special focus on fields relating to diplomacy and international affairs.

The research conducted at the academy aims to inform the foreign policy making process, by providing Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials and diplomats with up-to-date analysis of trends in all aspects of global affairs, especially as they relate to the conduct of Bahraini diplomacy.

The research initiatives at the Academy also seek to raise awareness of key issues and trends in international relations with the general public, in a wider effort of developing the knowledge base and raising awareness of global issues in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Furthermore, research aids in the design and review of the training programs at the Academy in line with international best practices.

Currently published and planned research at the Academy includes a series of works on political and diplomatic protocol and etiquette, the official use of the Arabic language -focusing on the most common errors in grammar, spelling and vocabulary- as well as a political lexicon of the most widespread and useful terminology, especially in relation to the diplomatic field.